L  O  W  E  L  L    F  O  R  E  S  T    B  O  I  L  E  A  U



    "The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit"

    "Plugugly", an American Civil War Mystery Site

   "Swaziland, Mon Amour"

   Laser Master Multiples on Canvas

"The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."


   Self-learned artist and computerist creates Website Boileau in 1994, the first fine art website from Detroit

   The Website as Art.   1996 to Present.

   Exhibits "Total Intervention", an interactive animation work, at the Detroit Institute of Arts June - September 1995

   Painting exhibition "Urban Landscapes" at Gruen Gallery, Chicago, IL from September 8 to October 4, 1995

   Creation member of the BIG Surf Cybercafé. Art... Internet... Computers... Coffee opened October 13, 1995 in Birmingham, MI

   Creation member of the Michigan Conference of Arts Wire, an online network of Michigan arts organizations

   "Art and Technology" panelist at "Information Superhighway" workshop for Michigan Corporate Grantmakers Ford World HQ, Dearborn 1994

   Awarded Arts Foundation of Michigan grant for electronic art 1993

   Awarded Arts America Grant: Exhibits and creates artworks in Stuttgart and Berlin, Germany, May - June 1992

   Creates a 25 x .6 meter micropointillist painting "Gentle Chaos" around a Stuttgart city bus May - June 1992

   Guest at international art colony Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany May - June 1992

   Exhibits paintings and gives demonstrations of micropointillist painting technique in Stuttgart, Berlin, and Halle May - June 1992

   Painting tour Alsace, France September-October1991

   Wins Michigan B outdoor handball championship 1991

   Organizes and tours with "Detroit Realismus" exhibition Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, and Stuttgart, Germany May and June 1990

   Awarded Arts Midwest National Endowment for the Arts grant for painting 1990

   Awarded Michigan Council for the Arts grant for painting 1990

   Son Nicolas born 1987

   Marries artist Susan Kramer 1986

   Awarded a Michigan Council for the Arts creative artist grant 1986

   Painting "Construction Zone" included in "Automobile and Culture" exhibition at the Detroit Institute of Arts 1986

   Co-subject of 1983 documentary film on micropointillism "Waterworks" produced by Urban Communications of Detroit

   First art exhibition at age thirty-five in 1980

   Co-develops of micropointillist painting technique with friend Stephen Goodfellow through which paintings of exceptional brilliance and luminosity are created using only the primary colors of yellow, red and blue 1979

   Spends a total of eight months painting in Mexico in various trips in late 1970's early 80's

   Founding member of Detroit Teamsters for a Democratic Union reform group 1975

   Drives truck for Signal Delivery 1972-1979

   Quits school, forever, to be an artist 1972

   Seven month journey from Swaziland, through Middle East and Europe to US 1971

   U.S. Peace Corps volunteer teaching woodworking and technical drawing at Salesian High School, Manzini, Swaziland 1968-1970

   Post-graduate studies University of Michigan, and Wayne State University in intellectual history and political theory 1967-8, 1971-72

   Indiana AAU and Hoosier Conference wrestling champion 1966

   Graduates with BA Degree in Political Science from Taylor University 1968

   Reviewed and profiled in Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Detroit Metro Times, Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany), Stuttgarter Nachtrichten, Quarterly, City Arts Review, and Solidarity magazine of Detroit 1982 to present

Photograph by Shell Hensleigh

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