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    You are invited to join a multimedia journey through the American Civil War from the viewpoint of General Alpheus Williams and his rough duty horse, Plug Ugly. An overview of the contents of the site appears below. Enjoy!

      Your comments and contributions are invited.


       Introduction: The Plug Ugly Home Page

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I.     The Alpheus Williams Website

A.    Alpheus Starkey Williams...huh?
B.    The Prewar Years [coming]
C.    The War Years [coming]

1.   1861 [coming]
2.   1862

a.    The 1862 Itinerary
b.    The 1862 Map   
c.    Begin the 1862 Tour
d.    Up and Down the Shenanadoah
e.    From Cedar Mountain and Antietam   

3.   1863 [coming]
4.   1864 [coming]
5.   1865 [coming]

D.    The Postwar Years  [coming]

II.    The Lost Order Mystery Website

A .   Introduction: Lost or Given?
B.    The Chain of Events 

C.    The Strange Case of Robert Hall Chilton
D.    Special Orders 191
E.    The Lost Order Discussion:  Help solve this mystery

III.   Project Plug Ugly

A.    What is it?
B.    Who done it?
C.    Who has helped?
  Plug Ugly Angels?
D.    How to contribute  Interact!

IV.  Galerie Alfred Waud

A.    Alfred Waud and the art of the Civil War Era
B.    Cedar Mountain: (1995 Panorama)
C .   Antietam: Mumma Farm (1995 Panorama)
D .   Antietam: Williams Line of March (1995 Panorama) 98kb

V.  The Plug Ugly Interactive

A.    Introduction
B.    The Lost Order Discussion:  Help solve the mystery
C .   The Plug Ugly Guest Book:  Leave a note!


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