The Lost Order

"How do you think Special Orders 191 fell into Union Hands?"

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Henry Kyd Douglas

From: Scott Zaden
Date: 28 Apr 1999
Time: 08:26:27
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The Douglas internet link is no longer valid. The hypothesis H.K. Douglas dropped the lost order, outside of camp, in the weeds while releiving himself is simply false. While he may have been the courier, the order was found in the short grass on a slight rise in the vicinity of two hitching post tress in the former confederate camp. The mechanics of the answer are coming. What we also found was there is a mystery within a mystery here. That is - with a find like as significant as this - why didn't Willams ever mention it or attempt to get credit for himself or his men? It is the answer to this undiscovered mystery that an excellent secondary drama lies. Best regards, Scott Zaden

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