The Lost Order

"How do you think Special Orders 191 fell into Union Hands?"

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Henry Kyd Douglas lost it!

From: Steve Russell
Date: 30 Apr 1998
Time: 03:07:52
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Lowell, It was Henry Kyd Douglas, Stonewall Jackson's courier. There was no conspiracy. Chilton handed it to him and Douglas lost it. Read Wilbur D. Jones excellent treatment of the subject in "Civil War Regiments: A Journal of the Civil War," Vol. 5, No.3. The case is shut and closed. Douglas, who smoked cigars, had already received the order and shoved the extra in his jacket after wrapping it around his cigars. It fell out of his pocket near the railroad tracks near Frederick and the Monococy River. See my map and copies of the orders at my 27th Indiana Homepage site: Ever wonder why the Douglas family is hanging on to the diaries? I love your page, but there was no conspiracy. It was Douglas.

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