The Lost Order

"How do you think Special Orders 191 fell into Union Hands?"

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New Discoveries about the Lost Order

From: Lowell Boileau
Date: 8/24/97
Time: 3:48:22 PM
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Two interesting tidbits regarding the events surrounding the Lost Order have come to light via Internet visitors.  The first concerns the alleged discovery of the order as being found wrapped around three cigars. 

DH Hill, in whose former campground the order was found and was blamed for the order's loss, was a non-smoker as was his Adjutant Col. Ratchford.  It was Ratchford who gave an affidavit stating that the order signed by Chilton never arrived at Hill's HQ.   This note was supplied by a relative of Ratchford.

The second bit came from a reader who had discovered that Chilton had a namesake nephew, Robert Chilton Brooke, who was killed at the Battle of Williamsburg on May 5, 1862.  Could this have embittered Chilton?

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