Stonewall Triumphant

Port Republic Battlefield
South Branch of Shenandoah River and Massanutten Mt. on the left, Blue Ridge on the right.
Here Jackson destroyed Shields' column which had emerged from the valley in the center.

      Following his defeat of Banks, Jackson's forces returned south, up the Shenandoah Valley, to the Blue Ridge Gaps near the southern tip of Massanutten Mountain. Here he turned on and defeated pursuing Federal columns under Fremont, at Cross Keys, and Shields, at Port Republic. With the Union forces driven from the valley, Jackson's forces next march to Richmond and assisted Lee in defeating McClellan during the Seven Days Battles.

Southern End of Massanutten Mountain
(right in the distance) as seen from the Blue Ridge.
Near the foot of Massanutten, Jackson defeated Union columns under Fremont and Sheilds converging upon him from the far and near side of the mountain.

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